Girls, Life

Problems, are their answers?

There are a few things that are just bad when you are a guy. A. When your sitting down and you slowly slide down in your seat till you roll over your balls. B. You make out with the best friend of the girl your trying to get. and the worst of all C. You don’t make out with her because you are trying to get another girl but then it doesn’t workout in the end because she made out with her instead…ultimate rejection.

But None of these happened to me, therefore I am good, at least for the most part. See the thing is that when you meet a girl that you like and you pursue her and then after hanging out and texting for awhile you realize that you have nothing in common and can hardly carry on a conversation; what do you do? Well she says “Its all good, you can like other people. I don’t want to date you lets just be best friends” So you go about your merry life and next thing your phone lights up with a text from her saying “Do you like so and so?” “Why were you chasing so and so down the hall?” and the list continues, the people you flirt with, the people you text, they all seem to tell her as if its a pre-set warning system she has so in the case that you are dating her and you talk to anyone else she will know instantly. It would be all good and dandy except that everytime you confront her on the issue she says “naw, I dont care, I am just kidding”. Girls…obviously, cant live with them and they come with you so you cant live without them.

~ BlondHeadedHunk


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