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I think that many times there is something that we want from another person when we want it but we are not willing to give the same courtesy to that person. It’s easy to take in this life and not give back especially when we know the person wants our approval and is willing to do it. We play on another persons feelings and weaknesses in order to benefit our own wants and desires.

I have no conclusion to draw from this really except that you have to be careful who you are nice to. People are more then willing to exploit any “weakness” you show. More than that though, try to care for those around you. Just because someone has done this to you and hurt you does not mean it is right for you to turn around and do it to another. The golden rule doesn’t say “Do unto others as you would have them do to the next guy”. Sadly we don’t treat others how we want to be treated, we expect everyone to love us even while we are jerks. Some manage this but I don’t think that it ever lasts.

~ BlondHeadedHunk


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