Girls, Life, People

Thesis Statement

I may have said it before but I’ll say it again: I think we grow up with a common misconception that guys are jerks and girls are angels. Whoever started this absurd idea should have taken a survey before they said it; unless things have simply just changed over time. So here’s my thesis: not all guys are jerks and not all girls are angels. More correctly, most girls are jerks and probably most guys are too but I think as guys we get used more then most people would think. Granted, there have been lots of awful pickup lines used on girls but does that mean they should decide we are all satan incarnate and treat us as such? Perhaps I just got a bad batch of women, but nonetheless if, and when, I find a decent girl I’m going to hold onto her cause there aren’t many left.

P.S. If there are women/girls that have a problem with this then please, change my mind.

That is all.



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