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Some things in life happen for reasons that we can’t understand. Sometimes they need to happen and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it feels right until someone points out to you the elephant in the room but you made a choice, you must stick with it. That doesn’t mean you have no choice but sometimes you back yourself into that corner where its dignity and self respect or reputation and dignity.

We are bound to hurt people in this world but after so much happens you become numb and you forget what pain is. You forget how much the little things meant to you at one time too. The little things don’t tear your heart apart like they did when you first played the game. You “Run around collecting your jar of hearts” and don’t even realize that each heart you take leaves a gaping whole in someones chest…maybe it had to happen and maybe it didn’t. Maybe it could have been avoided, maybe you have become the demon you fought to destroy when you were younger but however you got here you have to turn around sometime and stop. Maybe when you stop you bring more pain with you but sometimes you have to cause pain to end pain. The cycle must stop though and you are the only one who can stop it.  ~ BlondHeadedHunk


Beginning Again

Carefree, no worries about what’s coming next until it gets there. If your having fun or if your unhappy that’s all that matters. Your not worried about money, simple things amuse you and make you happy and simple things ruin your day. It’s an easy life because someone else takes care of it for you. When you can’t reach something someone else reaches it for you. Another can protect you from the things that would hurt you and you don’t understand what pain is…oh to be a child again.
~ BlondHeadedHunk


What I Will “Never” Do

Q. If ever I raise children, I’ll never…

What would I never? I must admit that its hard to know seeing as how I have never had a child. When I was younger there were things that annoyed me, I had strict parents. No movies, no video games, couldn’t stay up late, music had to be christian and have little to no beat. I never got the allowance that other kids got, if I wanted money I had to work for it. I didn’t have endless numbers of toys, I played in the woods and had a trampoline. My brother and I learned that cardboard slides wonderfully on pine needles, so, since we had no snow, we would make “cars” or sleds out of cardboard and go sliding down the hills for hours.

The fact of the matter is, there are things I wouldn’t do but they would be more along the lines of: not giving my kids an allowance, not giving them every toy they see their friends playing with. I plan to never allow them, when they are little, to make my decision for me by throwing a fit. As they get older though I hope that I never step to far into their lives that I become controlling towards them. Teenagers make mistakes, that’s just a fact of life, but if I am always there to keep them from making mistakes than what will happen when they get out into the real world? Obviously, they won’t just run free but, get to close and you simply cause them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

In short, I wouldn’t spoil them but I hope to get them ready so that when they are old enough to make their decisions they will make the right ones.

~ BlondHeadedHunk

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Class Assignment: Free write.

Time is an interesting thing. Do you think of it as simply always there and eternal or more like sand in an hour glass? In a way it has always been there and always will be.

Realistically, though, its an hour glass but our hour glass cant be turned over. When the sand runs out its gone and cannot be gotten back. Every grain that slips through to the other side is lost in all the others. That one particular grain cannot be regained or deciphered from the rest.. So it is with time. It flows continuously around us, never stopping or slowing and never reversing.

Take advantage of every moment because you’ll never get to re-live it.


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All In One Test

You work and you work and you work. Your goal is in site, but suddenly life gets busy, you don’t have as much time to work on it anymore and in one fell swoop someone reaches the goal before you. They don’t accomplish the goal themselves, they cheat their way to victory. Using others to achieve what they themselves don’t have the patience to accomplish. To most it appears as though they have won this great victory and accomplished some great feat. Do not let this fool you.

Sadly your victory is dampened. What good is a “win” if you have already been beat to the finish by someone that didn’t even do the work? You can fight for that third place, but is it still as good? Of course it is. Others may not know the truth but you do. You spent the time, put in the effort and bled the blood for what you are trying to accomplish. Even if someone managed to get there before you your victory should be just as sweet. In fact your victory is sweeter than the person who became victorious before you because you spent time with it and you know that someday good will triumph over evil…good always wins in the end…according to your story books at least. But for the sake of being happy about your loss lets just say that it does.

Now I will go and reach my goals, though it isn’t what I had hoped for at least I know who did the real work. Thank you all for listening, you have been great! I knew there was a way to be happy about this.

~ BlondHeadedHunk

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Children and Their Faults

This morning I will begin something new. I will be doing journals for an English assignment every other morning on here so look for updates often readers, if you have comments feel free. These are pre-assigned topics and I will put the question that they originate from before I give my view on the matter. Happy reading!

Q. Are parents generally blind to their children’s faults? Why or why not?

I think it all depends on the parents and the child. Some parents tend to pick favorites in their kids and that favorite child will be an angel no matter what they do while the others may be the devil no matter how many times they wash the dishes. Others just love their kids to much to think they could ever do anything wrong. When the police bring them home after arresting them at a party their natural response would be “There must be a mistake! My little Johnny would NEVER do that!” Well there’s a beautiful lie of blindness right there, your sons not even little anymore!

Than, of course, their are those parents that don’t like any of their kids. None of them can do anything right, their grades are to low, or they have attitudes, or whatever the parents want them to do wrong that day. If they get in trouble than you may never see them again. Some dungeon will probably suddenly appear below their house and swallow them up until their parents decide they are fit for society again.

So in short, whether parents are blind or not to their children’s faults all depends on the parent. Love for your children is a necessity in this life but to much of a good thing is not a good thing anymore.

~ BlondHeadedHunk