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Children and Their Faults

This morning I will begin something new. I will be doing journals for an English assignment every other morning on here so look for updates often readers, if you have comments feel free. These are pre-assigned topics and I will put the question that they originate from before I give my view on the matter. Happy reading!

Q. Are parents generally blind to their children’s faults? Why or why not?

I think it all depends on the parents and the child. Some parents tend to pick favorites in their kids and that favorite child will be an angel no matter what they do while the others may be the devil no matter how many times they wash the dishes. Others just love their kids to much to think they could ever do anything wrong. When the police bring them home after arresting them at a party their natural response would be “There must be a mistake! My little Johnny would NEVER do that!” Well there’s a beautiful lie of blindness right there, your sons not even little anymore!

Than, of course, their are those parents that don’t like any of their kids. None of them can do anything right, their grades are to low, or they have attitudes, or whatever the parents want them to do wrong that day. If they get in trouble than you may never see them again. Some dungeon will probably suddenly appear below their house and swallow them up until their parents decide they are fit for society again.

So in short, whether parents are blind or not to their children’s faults all depends on the parent. Love for your children is a necessity in this life but to much of a good thing is not a good thing anymore.

~ BlondHeadedHunk


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