Advice, Life


Some things in life happen for reasons that we can’t understand. Sometimes they need to happen and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes it feels right until someone points out to you the elephant in the room but you made a choice, you must stick with it. That doesn’t mean you have no choice but sometimes you back yourself into that corner where its dignity and self respect or reputation and dignity.

We are bound to hurt people in this world but after so much happens you become numb and you forget what pain is. You forget how much the little things meant to you at one time too. The little things don’t tear your heart apart like they did when you first played the game. You “Run around collecting your jar of hearts” and don’t even realize that each heart you take leaves a gaping whole in someones chest…maybe it had to happen and maybe it didn’t. Maybe it could have been avoided, maybe you have become the demon you fought to destroy when you were younger but however you got here you have to turn around sometime and stop. Maybe when you stop you bring more pain with you but sometimes you have to cause pain to end pain. The cycle must stop though and you are the only one who can stop it.  ~ BlondHeadedHunk


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