Emotions, Science

Why Cry?

What is an emotion? Its not something you can touch, you cant really explain it, it just happens. What makes us become happy, or sad? What makes us cry when something hurts us or laugh when something is funny? What does funny mean anyway? What makes us care about someone or something else?

I am sure there is some scientific explanation for why all these things happen to us but if you sit and think about them without the scientific knowledge, they all seem very odd. Somehow laughing helps show that happiness inside to those around you. Crying provides you with some sort of release from sadness. If you’re depressed than talking to someone can help you work through your problems.

But again, what causes it? I discussed it with a friend and I can’t say we really came up with an answer. Something about neurons in the brain firing and making emotions but neither of us understand how that works. One thing is for sure, without emotions life would be very boring. If you watched a movie and there was no humor or you didn’t feel happy when the main character accomplished his goal than what would be the point? If you ran a race and weren’t proud when you came in 1st place than you most likely wouldn’t run. Feelings, in a way, motivate us to do things, connect us to those around us and bring enjoyment into our lives. They are powerful, but I still wonder why we have tears or a laugh…

~ BlondHeadedHunk



Perspective isn’t about right or wrong, it’s simply your point of view versus mine. I would say that perspective could be compared to someone at the top of a cliff vs. someone at the bottom of that same cliff. If they are both looking at the ground at the bottom of the cliff they will both have a different description of what it looks. Does that make one wrong and the other right? No. One person has a larger picture and the other has a detailed picture of the same thing.

Whats my point? Simple, so many people want to say that their point of view is the correct one and everyone should think like them. Don’t be like everyone else, admit you’re not all knowing and that others can have a different view as you.

~ BlondHeadedHunk

Life, Road Trip, School

It Begins

Today I am headed to Arizona for the first time in my life. I’m going with my school for about a week and a half. I’ll get to see the Grand Canyon and other places of interest whilst there. I’m looking forward to that but not so much the trip there. It’s a 16 hour drive straight through but bring a school full and that changes. Suddenly it’s 2 days worth of driving because of eating and gas and all. The worst part is that we are not allowed to use headphones in the vehicles. Personally I think it’s a stupid rule, who wouldn’t? 

So what adventures lie ahead? I suppose we will see. So far it has been uneventful and rather boring. Wish me luck

~ BlondHeadedHunk