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Make a Choice

People are strange, one minute they love you and the next they hate you and then they love you again. You can’t stand them one minute and then you love them the next. Why? Why cant people just make up their minds about these things? “I don’t like you and I never will” “I like you and I always will” wouldn’t this be much simpler? Obviously there is something about us that makes us unable to do that, we have a need for change in our lives. We have a need to move forward and grow and if those around us aren’t growing with us than we move on to others that we think will grow.

Another strange thing about us is we tend to judge life based upon what others say. My accomplishments aren’t judged by me, they are judged based upon what others have said about what I have done. That is how it works everywhere around us, our work especially. Why should it be this way for our every day work though? Why not take control of our personal lives and decide what is important and what isn’t?

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Sometimes the person your looking for is right infront of you they are just too scared to show you their true self. When you can get past those barriers and see them though you’ll find someone who is more amazing than you imagined. 

Try to be the kind of friend you would want so you can make the friends you want. True friends are hard to come by but when you find them it’s a diamond you should keep forever. 

~ BlondHeadedHunk