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Lost and Alone…No

Alone in a world full of people. Lost when your reading a map. 

Sometimes it seems like we try to find our way by following someone else. We seek to fill the void by experiencing someone else’s life that looks whole to us. We have to stop this. Why? Because you can’t fill a glass with water by setting a glass full of water next to it. It you look from the right angle the empty glass may appear full but when you look closely it’s still as empty as ever. 

Find the strength within yourself to stop relying on someone else to fill you. When you can find your own way and live your own life you will be happy. Anywhere. Everywhere. Anytime. All the time. Be you, not the weak you or the empty, lost you. Be the strong you, legitimately strong and sometimes strength looks weak to others but it’s not. Being honest about your weakness may be your greatest strength. 

Make your own map. Don’t let others make you feel lost. When alone, realize those that left you weren’t worth being with. 

No longer alone, I’m always with myself. No longer lost, I taught myself to read the map. 


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