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Thoughts = Value

Thoughts run round my mind, nothing here to tie them down. 

A thought, a feeling, both are nothing more nor nothing less. You can’t sell either but both are priceless. 

Many people have thoughts that they never express, feelings they never allow to be felt. They keep them caged as if afraid of their own ability to tell someone what they really mean. Living day to day, hiding from the truth. 

You must learn to value your thoughts before you can teach someone else to value them. Don’t be scared of how you feel, or what you think, show it. Let others know. Be heard. You have an outlook that no one else has, that someone else may need to have. Those thoughts could save a life, those feelings could save a relationship. 

We benefit by saying what we need to say, it gives us value for ourselves and others. 

Thoughts ran round, thoughts ran out. Thoughts were said, they are no longer thoughts; they are words. 



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