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It’s everywhere. Go to Snapchat, the news, Facebook, etc. and it’s a continual flow of negative energy. It’s tiring. “Trump is shit” “Kim K. is getting divorced” “Your fingerprints are stolen through selfies”. Granted there are truths in some and not in others but you can’t get away from the constant negative outlook. Someone messes up a speech and we don’t cover the good parts of the speech we cover the screw up.

Why? Well it’s my opinion that it sells better. People want the latest drama, they want to feel like they are as good or better than this star or that politician or they could make a better plan than the president. However if you were to cover an average persons life on the day to day imagine how many mess ups you could find. I’m minorly dyslexic and on the daily I mess up atleast 5 different words and phrases. I probably interact and say the wrong thing 50% of the time atleast and if you were to put me on the front page you could probably find some great headlines of a scandal. However, there’s plenty of good things and right things I do as well. Why not cover the positive instead of the negative? 

All I’m saying is next time you see that negativity or that most recent gossip maybe stop and think “Is this legit or is it made up simply for reads?” 



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