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I Am You and You Are Me

We get so caught up thinking of people differently cause they have a different name, for example:

The famous pop singer, the president, the guy next door, the cute girl at Starbucks, the model, the writer. They are special right? No one is scared to do what they do. The president is obviously “God” of America and infallible. That girl at Starbucks? She’s way out of your league cause she thinks on a new level your mind can’t process and don’t even get me started on the model cause her body is something only gods can look upon in real life without dying. If you ever see her in public cover yourself in a cloak and run or her pure beauty will melt your soul. 

Wait wait…Deep down all they are is people…right? People who have taken a talent or a chance and become something great but all of them are humans. Just because I write a post and you read it doesn’t mean I’m not just like you. I’d like to say I’m the god of writing but there’s a million writers out there better than I so I won’t sacreligiously claim that title. I’ve just managed to write my thoughts somewhere they can be read where as you keep your thoughts inside. (Well some of you do. I wish some of you guys would tell me what you think of my frivolous writing though, it really would be fantastic! There is a comment button on the bottom of this post so PLEASE comment. I’ll read all of them. But this is off subject.)

As I was saying, we want our president to be a superhero. Our models to be perfect. Our actors to be extra terrestrial humans. Our writers to have minds so deep an ocean diver would never reach the depths of their thoughts but if we all sat and had a cup of coffee we would all have things in common if we didn’t have our titles. You may have gone to school with someone who became famous and were they really all that different?

We all have fears. We all make mistakes and we all have questions but some choose to answer those questions and choose to let others criticize them while some prefer to be on the back lines and do the criticizing. We are all built with basic similarities. Needs, wants, likes dislikes and we all like food (yep I went there cause I love the hell out of food and I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this does as well. If not please comment and tell me why because it would greatly intrigue me.)

So why is it that we make others “gods”? Are we the same or are we actually different? Is there something special about me and what I do vs. what you do? I can’t do what you do and you may not be able to do what I do. However why can’t we just realize that deep down there is a common thread between us all? I am not a scary human. My friends know me as me, and I see me as me. What do you see?



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