Color, Poetry

Dark Nights, Strange Thoughts

I don’t claim to be poetic at all but I was messing with some rhymes tonight and thought you all might enjoy reading what I wrote. Sorry if it’s not according to poetic rules but please enjoy it despite.

1.Colors on the canvas appear

Swirling together in a rainbow so clear

If the colors weren’t so bright

My heart would have to be a light

In my life of colors appear

My feelings now become so clear

In her eye I see the tear

The heart, the souls together as one

If only she could see the sun

Her life, her breath

Gone today, it is her death

My colors and hers, once combined

Now there’s nothing left behind. 

2. The rhythm, the beats, this life completes

Her heart, my source of joy, competes

But as she’s gone my canvas fades

Inside of me the feelings betrayed

My loss, my gain, I’ve gone insane

So here I stand before this train

My soul drifts on to further heights

My heart ne’er to shine a light

I’ll send the rain to dampen your pain

Hold fast and strong and lift the weight

I bid my last and final strain 

3. I paint my final canvas now

Dark so dark there is no light

To some I stand and others bow

I walk along this path alone

My heroes gone, he’s out of sight

I’ve lost my hope, I’ve gone too far

The path, so drear, has taken my soul

In its place a gashing scar

Take my place, to you I extol 

Be strong my son, be strong my friend

Don’t ever go around that bend

If you should, never lose sight

Of what is wrong and what is right 

As I said, I’m not a poet but a friend liked these and said I should post them so here they are. If you have any thoughts, want more posts like this or think they are just plain horrible I’m interested to hear. Until tomorrow, as always



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