Emotions, People, Relationships

A Broken Canvas

     “Y’know, she/he loved me once upon a time”. The thought makes your mind marvel how some things change in an instant. One day, you’re with them, and you feel like they are the one you could’ve lived with for the rest of your life. The next… you are brokenhearted, now only strangers with shared memories.

       Heartbreak…it comes again and again, always having a new way for you to experience it. You thought you had already moved on from him/her and life was going great. Then you came across a long lost photo, a mutual close friend from the past, or a song that wrung the melody summing up all the feelings you’d ever felt for that person. The feelings are as strong as ever and leave you wondering “Could it have worked? Was it my fault? What if I had changed this or waited out the emotional storm. Would he/she still be mine?”

        There is a time when you will look back on all that you experienced with them and really truly appreciate those moments you shared. A bitter sweet sensation. Feeling the pain of separation after growing so close for so long. But simultaneously feeling the joy, love, desire, freedom and longing you once had when you were together.

        But you’ve learned from this… You did love them, you probably still do somewhere deep within you… But you are no longer “in love” with them. All the countless memories you shared, all those great times are times that probably won’t ever be erased from either of your minds. Unfortunately, too much damage, too many complications or whatever it was.. brought you, him/her, or both to the conclusion that it was time to say goodbye… One or the other, possibly even both agreeing that you tried to put the pieces together and they simply just wouldn’t fit mutually as one anymore maybe like they did before. It just simply wasn’t meant to be. Neither really wishes pain or sadness upon the other. You really did love them once upon a time and in the past when you were together, you would’ve wanted the best for them without even thinking twice about it. Deep down the heartache will always be there along with the thoughts of what you could’ve been. But time has past and things have changed since then. New people, new faces, new experiences, new opportunities. My hope is that you have found some sort of closure by accepting that letting go and moving on is better for the both of you and that you will find the one person who’s heart collides perfectly with your own.

Written by:


In A Sunflowers World

Edited by:

Yours always ~BlondHeadedHunk~


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