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Here’s to You!

Today was a monumental day for my blog! I hit the most views I have ever had! Thank you everyone for reading, y’all are awesome and I love every one of you! 

So in honor, I’m going to write a little something that I don’t normally write so here we go; (confession I have no clue how to use semicolons. I think they are dumb and shouldn’t be part of the English language) 

So recently I came to California to do some audio visual work with my brother and today we got an iMac, needless to say I was completely thrilled. I’ve been using an old MacBook Pro and it’s terribly slow for the kind of processing power I need to do my work. So today was a pretty great day all around, I was able to set up the Mac and ontop of that I decided to enroll in a master class to get a better handle on producing EDM music. It’s something I’ve been considering for awhile and today I decided to go ahead with it. I’ve never learned to play instruments but I have done lots of music and so EDM is my best chance at producing my own songs. I think I am better at writing than making beats but once I get good I’ll put some on here for your scrutiny and enjoyment.

After that I went to play tennis and froze to death. I couldn’t feel my hands when I was done but my team won both games so it didn’t matter. Now I am relaxing in my warm bed and jamming to some music.

I’m looking for some new subjects to write about in this new year and I want you guys to tell me what you want me to write about. All I need is one word, my post yesterday came from a friend telling me to write about pressure. So what do you want me to write about? Whoever comments first will get a shoutout at the end of tomorrow’s blog. And if I don’t get any comments then I’m going to see if I can get a good friend of mine to write an article on words. So what do you want to hear? Me or her? Words or something different? 

Also I’ve been thinking about starting to use a cover image with each post and want to know what you guys think. Cover image or not? Cast your votes and I will continue in accordance with popular vote. 

Once again, everyone who reads my posts is the reason I write and I want to thank everyone who has recently followed and those who have been following for awhile now. Keep reading, I love seeing that my writing is being seen by someone! I look forward to many more posts to come this year!



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