Personal Note, Thoughts


Many times life takes us to places we don’t like. The journey can be tedious and tiresome until we look back and all of a sudden we see that the situation we hated is exactly what we needed. 

I’m at the end of one journey and moving onto the next. California has been good to me and I hope to return soon. In the meantime, you’ve taught me a lot and I will take that knowledge wherever I go. 

When I got here I knew very little about producing music but while being here YouTube has taught me a lot and I have been privileged to work on 3 separate albums as well as helping a friend of mine make her first single. I’m proud of what I’ve learned and been able to put into my work. Even if it’s trivial beginner things during the mixing process or adding effects, I have contributed to something that will last a lifetime. 

Live sound was a struggle all in itself and not my favorite though I had some prior experience but this has presented its own struggles or interpreting what I hear to what the audience wants to hear.

May these skills carry onto a successful carrier! See you soon Cali!


P.S. Next stop Washington State!


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