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Tick Tock

Time ticks. Choices made. Life twisted and mangled into something we call days and weeks, months and years till our time ticks away and our choices are left to haunt our legacy. Left as a canvas, painted and left as a picture for those behind us to ponder. To change their own painting or to disregard and paint the same mistakes into their own pictures. 

Random thoughts on a random night.

~ BlondHeadedHunk ~

Color Inside the Lines

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To some, it’s set, the cards are what they are and your destiny is set no matter what. To others, you make your own destiny, the choice is yours. In the end, I can’t say that I hold one view or the other. To me it seems that life kind of happens how it happens but at the same time the choices you make shape where your life goes. So maybe I would say it’s a little of both, you make choices that influence your destiny and at the same time, some things will happen no matter what you choose. 

Recently I came to a crossroads, I made a choice and the longer I stayed with that choice the less I liked it. It didn’t seem like it was really working out. None of the puzzle pieces were falling into place the way they needed to. Doors seemed to be shutting in my face everywhere I turned and yet while doors were shutting in one place there were doors opening in an entirely different place. New opportunities, new possibilities that seemed to be brilliant and awaiting me to seize them. So I chose again. 

Where will this choice lead me? I don’t know. What I do know is that life is full of options and opportunities that so many times we let pass by us. I challenge you, don’t let them slip past you any longer. Seize the day! 

~ BlondHeadedHunk ~

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Colors of Life

I think life is vibrant, despite its disparity, it has great possibility. It’s all about how you look at it. Happiness is a choice and is dependent upon what you choose, not on what others do. It is not cause and effect; in the sense someone else causes and you are effected. Rather you cause and effect your own happiness and enjoyment of life. There are repercussion of your choices and those repercussions can effect those around you but they begin with you in the simplest form. There are times you cannot choose or it is very difficult to choose at least. However I do think happiness is somewhat relative to us vs. based on someone else. Even depression for some isn’t based on someone else. Its not something you can change always but it is still relative to you, not coming from another source all together. I think its far to easy to blame others for our problems and make them the cause of, what in our eyes, is a deplorable existence on a doomed planet.

I am currently in a situation where I can’t say I always choose to be happy and honestly I hate to admit that its even a choice at all because that means I can change it. However if you are honest with yourself 100% and really stop to look at why you are unhappy, can you honestly blame it on someone else? Maybe right off hand you can say “Yes I can, my ex did this to me” or “My boss said this today” but that means you have no opportunity in life to choose your own destiny. It is all someone else’s choice for us. That leaves you powerless and destined to ride out your days in the hands of someone who you may or may not entirely hate (or strongly dislike).

I may have said all this before in some form or another but with being in the place I am now where I have to basically choose on a daily basis to be happy it brings the idea back around. Yes there are times when things happen and maybe you will spend a day or to upset, sad, seeing no colors in your life from day to day but eventually that pain subsides. For some they can push the pain away sooner than others, move on, let go, feel the happiness shine in like the sun on a rainy day. Some feel that the pain is a way of healing perhaps, or a part of the healing process. I can’t speak for all, I can only speak for me. I tend to cut the ties, cut the pain, cut the heartbreak and move on quickly. I don’t enjoy hurting (unless its a rainy day and I’m lying in bed listening to sad music, then it can feel kinda nice to revel in the pain and disparity) but I do my best to move on from it. I’m not telling you how to live your life or even trying to give you a magic antidote. As always its just another opinion I figured I would throw out to the world to read and come to your own conclusion.

Let the grey go, lets the colors in. Life is full of them, you just have to let them shine through.


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Don’t Think, Do It!

Sometimes it takes us getting to the point where we aren’t thinking about what we are doing before we can actually do it. Some of my best creativity has come from late at night talking to friends and I am so tired and so worn out but I can’t sleep and from that comes my imagination and creativity spilling through. I don’t analyze what I am writing the way I might when I am more awake. I just write. The ideas flow freely without me thinking they are too outlandish or to ridiculous. I don’t judge my work as much and sometimes from that comes greatness.

Some of the most daring things in life are things we have to do without second guessing them. Even though they are the most daring usually they will give us the best, longest lasting memories of all. When a friend asks us to go skydiving, cliff jumping or whatever else might kind of scare you, don’t worry about it. Go out there and do it, be awesome, be spontaneous, be crazy, be you. Don’t let your mind change the experiences of life by sitting and thinking about all the reasons you aren’t sure if you want to try it when deep down you know you want to.

The next step in my life is currently unknown to me, I don’t really make plans most of the time but I will say that whatever it is, it’s going to be a big step. I want to move west, I live in the east but now is the best time to do it because. I don’t have anything left in the east really, and there are lots of obstacles in the way between me and that move. Money, a place to stay, deciding exactly where I want to go. But the key to this all is taking the first step, start the journey and you never know where you might end up. Be rational but be adventurous!

In the words of Shia Labeouf “Just do it! Don’t Let your dreams be dreams!”


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Pressure Me Not

Pressure, in a word, a force put upon an object. In life, that deadline from your teacher on a homework assignment. Your boss telling you to turn that report in and the lady at Starbucks asking for your order. 

Pressure is everywhere pushing us to do something at any given time. What if the pressure was removed? Is pressure like gravity? Except instead of holding us to the earth it pushes us forward in life to accomplish the next objective? Even games have pressure. Think of your favorite board game, video game, computer game, they all pressure you to accomplish something in order to win. Remove that pressure and then what? Would life stop? Without it could the drive that makes life go round stop in its tracks and our goals float away? A lot of unanswered questions there and I can’t say I have an answer to them. I could speculate that there is a good and bad side to the pressure of life. It can make us stressed, but there’s lots of fulfillment when the task is accomplished and the deadline gone. Take that away and you would lose joy. 

Perhaps…I actually don’t have anything to put after that perhaps. To be honest I could say I feel a certain amount of pressure to post a blog daily or else I lose my readers interest and attention. Without that though, I would not post and for some of you, that might be a sad day. But back to the matter at hand.

The things that push us in life to make decisions and to choose the next step can be handled in different ways. Some of us enjoy the push, others wither under it and are driven to avoid it at all cost. Some at the cost of life itself. 

So how do you handle that pressure from everyone around you? Well my concept that I use on a daily basis is focus on what’s important. Focus on the task at hand and don’t let others press you to do what they think you should. When I go to order at a restaurant and the waiter asks what I want and I don’t know, I ask what they recommend. Maybe we could diffuse the pressure by simply allowing others to help us make some decisions. Let another in, ask their opinion and don’t do it all yourself. They are the pin to your balloon, in a sense, used to relieve the pressures of life and the constant push so that you can relax instead of running all the time. 

Let someone help you, don’t be a “One man show”. Put a pin in your pressure balloon and deflate that bitch before it deflates you.


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Slower Today Than Yesterday

Personally I tend to rush through my day to day. Tomorrow is better than today, rush to the evening, rush to this that or the other. It’s a constant run forwards instead of enjoying the moment I am in. 

Enjoy the moments you have now, slow down and see the small things. Enjoy the simple things that make life better each day. The wind across your face, the view out your window, a conversation with someone you care about. Slow down. Let it sink in. You’ll miss it when it’s not there. 


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Thoughts = Value

Thoughts run round my mind, nothing here to tie them down. 

A thought, a feeling, both are nothing more nor nothing less. You can’t sell either but both are priceless. 

Many people have thoughts that they never express, feelings they never allow to be felt. They keep them caged as if afraid of their own ability to tell someone what they really mean. Living day to day, hiding from the truth. 

You must learn to value your thoughts before you can teach someone else to value them. Don’t be scared of how you feel, or what you think, show it. Let others know. Be heard. You have an outlook that no one else has, that someone else may need to have. Those thoughts could save a life, those feelings could save a relationship. 

We benefit by saying what we need to say, it gives us value for ourselves and others. 

Thoughts ran round, thoughts ran out. Thoughts were said, they are no longer thoughts; they are words.