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I’m almost done working in California. It’s been a good trip. I’ve learned a lot. Weird how life changes. I reconnected with an old friend while I was here and we went from not talking to talking a lot and being good friends. Now we talk but our friendship evolved a lot while I was here. Things never stay the same no matter how hard you try to keep them. We constantly evolve from day to day, usually it’s a slow change that you might not notice till you look back over the days, weeks, and months and see where you started and where you are now. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes bad and sometimes neither. Change is definitely inevitable though. 

Now I sit on the back patio looking forward to the next part of my journey and worn out from the stress of the last week. This has nothing to do with any of what I have said but I miss having a connection with someone. I have friends but I don’t have the deep connection with anyone like I used to have…I guess even that comes and goes at times. Nothing stays the same. Friends, work, things, they all fade like photographs. 

I’m tired. Very tired. I need the break I soon will have. 

Goodnight peeps, have an awesome week. It’ll be over before you know it so savor everyday because tomorrow is different. 


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Pressure Me Not

Pressure, in a word, a force put upon an object. In life, that deadline from your teacher on a homework assignment. Your boss telling you to turn that report in and the lady at Starbucks asking for your order. 

Pressure is everywhere pushing us to do something at any given time. What if the pressure was removed? Is pressure like gravity? Except instead of holding us to the earth it pushes us forward in life to accomplish the next objective? Even games have pressure. Think of your favorite board game, video game, computer game, they all pressure you to accomplish something in order to win. Remove that pressure and then what? Would life stop? Without it could the drive that makes life go round stop in its tracks and our goals float away? A lot of unanswered questions there and I can’t say I have an answer to them. I could speculate that there is a good and bad side to the pressure of life. It can make us stressed, but there’s lots of fulfillment when the task is accomplished and the deadline gone. Take that away and you would lose joy. 

Perhaps…I actually don’t have anything to put after that perhaps. To be honest I could say I feel a certain amount of pressure to post a blog daily or else I lose my readers interest and attention. Without that though, I would not post and for some of you, that might be a sad day. But back to the matter at hand.

The things that push us in life to make decisions and to choose the next step can be handled in different ways. Some of us enjoy the push, others wither under it and are driven to avoid it at all cost. Some at the cost of life itself. 

So how do you handle that pressure from everyone around you? Well my concept that I use on a daily basis is focus on what’s important. Focus on the task at hand and don’t let others press you to do what they think you should. When I go to order at a restaurant and the waiter asks what I want and I don’t know, I ask what they recommend. Maybe we could diffuse the pressure by simply allowing others to help us make some decisions. Let another in, ask their opinion and don’t do it all yourself. They are the pin to your balloon, in a sense, used to relieve the pressures of life and the constant push so that you can relax instead of running all the time. 

Let someone help you, don’t be a “One man show”. Put a pin in your pressure balloon and deflate that bitch before it deflates you.