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To some, it’s set, the cards are what they are and your destiny is set no matter what. To others, you make your own destiny, the choice is yours. In the end, I can’t say that I hold one view or the other. To me it seems that life kind of happens how it happens but at the same time the choices you make shape where your life goes. So maybe I would say it’s a little of both, you make choices that influence your destiny and at the same time, some things will happen no matter what you choose. 

Recently I came to a crossroads, I made a choice and the longer I stayed with that choice the less I liked it. It didn’t seem like it was really working out. None of the puzzle pieces were falling into place the way they needed to. Doors seemed to be shutting in my face everywhere I turned and yet while doors were shutting in one place there were doors opening in an entirely different place. New opportunities, new possibilities that seemed to be brilliant and awaiting me to seize them. So I chose again. 

Where will this choice lead me? I don’t know. What I do know is that life is full of options and opportunities that so many times we let pass by us. I challenge you, don’t let them slip past you any longer. Seize the day! 

~ BlondHeadedHunk ~

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All In One Test

You work and you work and you work. Your goal is in site, but suddenly life gets busy, you don’t have as much time to work on it anymore and in one fell swoop someone reaches the goal before you. They don’t accomplish the goal themselves, they cheat their way to victory. Using others to achieve what they themselves don’t have the patience to accomplish. To most it appears as though they have won this great victory and accomplished some great feat. Do not let this fool you.

Sadly your victory is dampened. What good is a “win” if you have already been beat to the finish by someone that didn’t even do the work? You can fight for that third place, but is it still as good? Of course it is. Others may not know the truth but you do. You spent the time, put in the effort and bled the blood for what you are trying to accomplish. Even if someone managed to get there before you your victory should be just as sweet. In fact your victory is sweeter than the person who became victorious before you because you spent time with it and you know that someday good will triumph over evil…good always wins in the end…according to your story books at least. But for the sake of being happy about your loss lets just say that it does.

Now I will go and reach my goals, though it isn’t what I had hoped for at least I know who did the real work. Thank you all for listening, you have been great! I knew there was a way to be happy about this.

~ BlondHeadedHunk