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Tick Tock

Time ticks. Choices made. Life twisted and mangled into something we call days and weeks, months and years till our time ticks away and our choices are left to haunt our legacy. Left as a canvas, painted and left as a picture for those behind us to ponder. To change their own painting or to disregard and paint the same mistakes into their own pictures. 

Random thoughts on a random night.

~ BlondHeadedHunk ~

Color Inside the Lines

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To some, it’s set, the cards are what they are and your destiny is set no matter what. To others, you make your own destiny, the choice is yours. In the end, I can’t say that I hold one view or the other. To me it seems that life kind of happens how it happens but at the same time the choices you make shape where your life goes. So maybe I would say it’s a little of both, you make choices that influence your destiny and at the same time, some things will happen no matter what you choose. 

Recently I came to a crossroads, I made a choice and the longer I stayed with that choice the less I liked it. It didn’t seem like it was really working out. None of the puzzle pieces were falling into place the way they needed to. Doors seemed to be shutting in my face everywhere I turned and yet while doors were shutting in one place there were doors opening in an entirely different place. New opportunities, new possibilities that seemed to be brilliant and awaiting me to seize them. So I chose again. 

Where will this choice lead me? I don’t know. What I do know is that life is full of options and opportunities that so many times we let pass by us. I challenge you, don’t let them slip past you any longer. Seize the day! 

~ BlondHeadedHunk ~

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I’m almost done working in California. It’s been a good trip. I’ve learned a lot. Weird how life changes. I reconnected with an old friend while I was here and we went from not talking to talking a lot and being good friends. Now we talk but our friendship evolved a lot while I was here. Things never stay the same no matter how hard you try to keep them. We constantly evolve from day to day, usually it’s a slow change that you might not notice till you look back over the days, weeks, and months and see where you started and where you are now. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes bad and sometimes neither. Change is definitely inevitable though. 

Now I sit on the back patio looking forward to the next part of my journey and worn out from the stress of the last week. This has nothing to do with any of what I have said but I miss having a connection with someone. I have friends but I don’t have the deep connection with anyone like I used to have…I guess even that comes and goes at times. Nothing stays the same. Friends, work, things, they all fade like photographs. 

I’m tired. Very tired. I need the break I soon will have. 

Goodnight peeps, have an awesome week. It’ll be over before you know it so savor everyday because tomorrow is different. 


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Don’t Think, Do It!

Sometimes it takes us getting to the point where we aren’t thinking about what we are doing before we can actually do it. Some of my best creativity has come from late at night talking to friends and I am so tired and so worn out but I can’t sleep and from that comes my imagination and creativity spilling through. I don’t analyze what I am writing the way I might when I am more awake. I just write. The ideas flow freely without me thinking they are too outlandish or to ridiculous. I don’t judge my work as much and sometimes from that comes greatness.

Some of the most daring things in life are things we have to do without second guessing them. Even though they are the most daring usually they will give us the best, longest lasting memories of all. When a friend asks us to go skydiving, cliff jumping or whatever else might kind of scare you, don’t worry about it. Go out there and do it, be awesome, be spontaneous, be crazy, be you. Don’t let your mind change the experiences of life by sitting and thinking about all the reasons you aren’t sure if you want to try it when deep down you know you want to.

The next step in my life is currently unknown to me, I don’t really make plans most of the time but I will say that whatever it is, it’s going to be a big step. I want to move west, I live in the east but now is the best time to do it because. I don’t have anything left in the east really, and there are lots of obstacles in the way between me and that move. Money, a place to stay, deciding exactly where I want to go. But the key to this all is taking the first step, start the journey and you never know where you might end up. Be rational but be adventurous!

In the words of Shia Labeouf “Just do it! Don’t Let your dreams be dreams!”


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Color Inside The Lines

Recently I proposed a question to a good friend of mine and she came up with some great thoughts. It’s an abstract idea that I came up with and she had some amazing ideas I wanted to share with you guys. She has her own blog that I will link below as well so give her a follow!

Q. If life was a book and you had to find a way to color it what would it be? Are emotions the paint we use to color our daily life? Are we missing the beauty in each day by covering up our colors? Do you paint? Is it in pastel or neon? Black and white or shades of grey? 

A. These colors that represent our emotions are in the depths of each of our lives, they form an everlasting canvas that stretches throughout infinity. Each of us has a part to play in our own way, to fill in the canvas. Black outlines twist and twirl to make many diverse patterns, shapes, and forms. We do with the canvas what we will, some leaving spaces void of color. Others fill the blank spaces between the lines with colors, patterns, pictures, making none of them the same. Everyone has their own way of filling in the lines and some pay no mind to the lines at all. Instead they fill it with scribbles, and chaotic ideas all their own. Some days we can’t help but go outside the lines…the daily struggle to keep our colors inside the lines is our endeavor to get through whatever struggles we so happen to be facing. 

Some can not contain themselves and have the pressing desire to stand out, to be known… using bright and brilliant colors. Some days, trying to hold back what we can not or maybe should not express becomes nearly impossible and it bursts out of our hearts as a great uncontrollable fountain. Colors spilling outside the lines and even onto other’s portions of the canvas.

Some hide the brilliant colors inside, shading their canvas with a pencil, only letting people see the bare minimum. Hiding behind dark shades of grey and black making the lines disappear and join with the rest of the picture. 

Some are expressionless, blank, they feel nothing and show nothing. The picture of their life seems almost empty and meaningless to the casual observer. It may even feel empty to themselves at times. 

We can effect other people by coloring outside the lines because it is so expressed and obvious. The lines that they carefully follow, are distorted because life is a canvas…everyone struggles to stay within their bounds…but this is life we are talking about. Nobody is picture perfect…most everyone has or will color outside the lines more than once in the short time they have…

These colors, the emotions that govern our day to day can be seen in the good and the bad. Anger, happiness, sadness, contentment, love, hate, they all color our canvas but some express these colors in bright neons that seem to glow to those around them. The emotions are so strong that others can not only see but feel those emotions. Some people take those colors and mix them into their own pictures creating new shades that can darken and muddle their painting. Others are completely oblivious to the color around them, their canvas takes on a picture all of its own that even they can’t see. Still others simply admire what they see around them but paint an entirely different picture because they are impervious to the influence of the art they marvel at. 

We all choose different colors that match our particular needs, wants and feelings. Some prefer a pastel to the neons while some prefer no color at all. This doesn’t make them dull, it modestly sets them apart from others. When seen from a distance the twists and twirls blend together to make a mosaic that is your life and mine twined together through space and time. 
Life, a beautiful picture that you can paint how you like. Do you pay attention to the lines or do you color the picture the way you want it? 


• GingerGirlSunflower

In A Sunflowers World

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I Am You and You Are Me

We get so caught up thinking of people differently cause they have a different name, for example:

The famous pop singer, the president, the guy next door, the cute girl at Starbucks, the model, the writer. They are special right? No one is scared to do what they do. The president is obviously “God” of America and infallible. That girl at Starbucks? She’s way out of your league cause she thinks on a new level your mind can’t process and don’t even get me started on the model cause her body is something only gods can look upon in real life without dying. If you ever see her in public cover yourself in a cloak and run or her pure beauty will melt your soul. 

Wait wait…Deep down all they are is people…right? People who have taken a talent or a chance and become something great but all of them are humans. Just because I write a post and you read it doesn’t mean I’m not just like you. I’d like to say I’m the god of writing but there’s a million writers out there better than I so I won’t sacreligiously claim that title. I’ve just managed to write my thoughts somewhere they can be read where as you keep your thoughts inside. (Well some of you do. I wish some of you guys would tell me what you think of my frivolous writing though, it really would be fantastic! There is a comment button on the bottom of this post so PLEASE comment. I’ll read all of them. But this is off subject.)

As I was saying, we want our president to be a superhero. Our models to be perfect. Our actors to be extra terrestrial humans. Our writers to have minds so deep an ocean diver would never reach the depths of their thoughts but if we all sat and had a cup of coffee we would all have things in common if we didn’t have our titles. You may have gone to school with someone who became famous and were they really all that different?

We all have fears. We all make mistakes and we all have questions but some choose to answer those questions and choose to let others criticize them while some prefer to be on the back lines and do the criticizing. We are all built with basic similarities. Needs, wants, likes dislikes and we all like food (yep I went there cause I love the hell out of food and I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this does as well. If not please comment and tell me why because it would greatly intrigue me.)

So why is it that we make others “gods”? Are we the same or are we actually different? Is there something special about me and what I do vs. what you do? I can’t do what you do and you may not be able to do what I do. However why can’t we just realize that deep down there is a common thread between us all? I am not a scary human. My friends know me as me, and I see me as me. What do you see?


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Slower Today Than Yesterday

Personally I tend to rush through my day to day. Tomorrow is better than today, rush to the evening, rush to this that or the other. It’s a constant run forwards instead of enjoying the moment I am in. 

Enjoy the moments you have now, slow down and see the small things. Enjoy the simple things that make life better each day. The wind across your face, the view out your window, a conversation with someone you care about. Slow down. Let it sink in. You’ll miss it when it’s not there.