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Let the Night Change You

Seize the day is commonly said in graduation speeches and when someone seems to need motivation. The thing about seizing the days is even if you seize the day the night will come to haunt you with what happened during your day. 

It is my opinion that the night is far more important than many would like to credit it to. Most likely the night is when most of us have made our biggest mistakes and perhaps our biggest triumphs as well.

What comes to your mind when you think of the night? Hours lying awake thinking of your past, maybe finding a party so you can drink the thoughts away and pass out till the light comes back. Maybe you think of sleep and how amazing it will feel as soon as your climb in bed. Maybe you have that special someone you look forward to snuggling up against and talking about your day to till yo drift off to sleep. But for me the night is when I can think, it’s when I can straighten out what’s going on in my head. The important things shine through the darkness as the light fades. The world becomes quiet and still in some places while others come alive. You can be reclusive and no one thinks twice because it’s night time and that’s what people do.

Maybe it’s an excuse to be an introvert but I like being away from the busy and in my own world. The night can also be the time that change happens. Once all the daily distractions are gone you can focus on the big decisions. As much as we all hate it, the night let’s us think things through or get real and talk them through with someone else. 

I suppose all I’m saying is the night is when change can happen if you let the night change you.

I’m sitting in an airport looking out the window into the darkness so if none of this makes sense blame it on the stressful day I had missing a flight eh? I’m off to Cali to have a go at western life, wish me luck! I will try to get back into blogging when I get there, in the meantime, as always, yours truly.

~ BlondeHeadedHunk ~