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“This years worst blogger goes to” ‘drum roll’ “BlondHeadedHunk”

Yes, I have been neglectful but when you have Destiny or Far Cry 4 its hard to find time to blog. I know I know, that’s no excuse…but…its what I have been doing. Atleast I get my own fake award for being a bad blogger right? Well Hopefully I can stimulate some cells in your brain with either humor, boredom, or the ones that make you click to the next page so you don’t have to read this. Speaking of stimulation, my head has been swarmed with thoughts about: why doesn’t it feel like Christmas? (And why doesn’t my computer automatically capitalize Christmas? Its to much work for me to have to push that damn “shift” key.) After deliberating over this question I have decided its due to one factor. Yesterday I was sitting in shorts with the windows wide open and still felt just fine. It was the 22nd of December and Christmas is in 2 days, seems like something must be wrong. Welcome to Texas, as so many would say.

Moving on, I am on Christmas break and would love to sleep in, BUT it would seem that some think that is a sin. I have done worse things in my life then sleep in I am sure so I am not to concerned that by sleeping in God is going to be upset and incinerate me with lightning. I would rather be well rested when I went up in smoke anyway.

Well incase I am to lazy to get back on before Christmas and write again I will wish you all a Merry Christmas! (Because Happy Holidays annoys me) Have a fantastical holiday with family and friends and remember me in your prayers that I don’t get struck down for sleeping in. Peace out!




Sometimes I think the best way to survive this life would be to lock yourself in a room with no one else. Stay isolated forever! Of course that would suck but the way there is always drama is draining the fucking life out of me! It’s like you can’t do anything right. Of course I’m sure this is a normal occurrence but it’s a pain in the ass! Does doing anything, talking, liking or hanging out, with a member of the opposite sex ever not end in drama? I hope it’s just highschool…


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Funny how you can think you are done with the past, with the people that were in your past but you find yourself asking about them. Wondering what went wrong but you know that its not you but it was them. You say your doing fine but whenever you see them a little piece of you hurts. You don’t know if its them or if its what you thought you had with them that hurts. Is it cause your heart is hurt or is it your pride? People can tell you how much of a bitch they are but somehow you don’t believe them even though you know that its true. Why cant we just snap out from under their spell immediately? It would make life so much easier if we could immediately stop believing they are the angel we want them to be.


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Thesis Statement

I may have said it before but I’ll say it again: I think we grow up with a common misconception that guys are jerks and girls are angels. Whoever started this absurd idea should have taken a survey before they said it; unless things have simply just changed over time. So here’s my thesis: not all guys are jerks and not all girls are angels. More correctly, most girls are jerks and probably most guys are too but I think as guys we get used more then most people would think. Granted, there have been lots of awful pickup lines used on girls but does that mean they should decide we are all satan incarnate and treat us as such? Perhaps I just got a bad batch of women, but nonetheless if, and when, I find a decent girl I’m going to hold onto her cause there aren’t many left.

P.S. If there are women/girls that have a problem with this then please, change my mind.

That is all.