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Little Things

It’s amazing how the simple things in life are really what makes life. The laughs with friends about gifs, random late night talks and the deep thoughts you connect on. When someone buys you a coffee or goes with you to dinner. When someone tells you they enjoyed what you wrote or appreciated the seemingly unnoticed thing you did. All the little things add up and make life really enjoyable and worthwhile. 

It seems like these days people forget that, the world is constantly upset about something and never can seem to pause and realize that amongst all the bad there is still good things happening everyday. When was the last time you did something small then brighten someone else’s day? Could be an extra tip to your waitress/waiter or paying for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive through. Could be just telling someone thank you or giving them a small compliment. If everyone did this I think the world would be a better place to live, more enjoyable, healthier, happier and all around just less negative. I’m grateful for the people in my life, are you? I don’t know if I tell them enough but nonetheless I try to make their day a little better in some way. Life is give and take, the more you put in the more you get out. Maybe you should give a little so you can get a little. Not every road is a one way street, turn down the ones you can and blast your happiness to those that live on it. Let them know you want to help them and I’m sure they will one day help you. So thank you to everyone who not only reads my posts but to my friends who encourage me everyday to continue writing. Shoutout to the GingerGirl and Mal and so many others, you guys keep me posting and I know I just recently did kind of a thank you post but tonight I realize how important it is to have great friends. Keep loving, laughing and giving y’all! 


P.S. I will be working on a couple posts this week but if anyone has something they want me to write about, please comment. Not gonna lie, my brains been runnin a bit dry.

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Don’t Think, Do It!

Sometimes it takes us getting to the point where we aren’t thinking about what we are doing before we can actually do it. Some of my best creativity has come from late at night talking to friends and I am so tired and so worn out but I can’t sleep and from that comes my imagination and creativity spilling through. I don’t analyze what I am writing the way I might when I am more awake. I just write. The ideas flow freely without me thinking they are too outlandish or to ridiculous. I don’t judge my work as much and sometimes from that comes greatness.

Some of the most daring things in life are things we have to do without second guessing them. Even though they are the most daring usually they will give us the best, longest lasting memories of all. When a friend asks us to go skydiving, cliff jumping or whatever else might kind of scare you, don’t worry about it. Go out there and do it, be awesome, be spontaneous, be crazy, be you. Don’t let your mind change the experiences of life by sitting and thinking about all the reasons you aren’t sure if you want to try it when deep down you know you want to.

The next step in my life is currently unknown to me, I don’t really make plans most of the time but I will say that whatever it is, it’s going to be a big step. I want to move west, I live in the east but now is the best time to do it because. I don’t have anything left in the east really, and there are lots of obstacles in the way between me and that move. Money, a place to stay, deciding exactly where I want to go. But the key to this all is taking the first step, start the journey and you never know where you might end up. Be rational but be adventurous!

In the words of Shia Labeouf “Just do it! Don’t Let your dreams be dreams!”


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Uncertain Abyss

Today has provided me with nothing to write about, but somewhere in the depths of my mind I think I’ve come up with a picture of what I currently am thinking, or not thinking. So whether this is of interest to you or not, I can’t say I have any deep meaning to it. It’s just a picture of my mind. Hope everyone has had a fantastic Saturday night! Enjoy the read!

Walking circles through a seemingly endless abyss. There has to be a way out of here somewhere…light, I see light. I walk towards it only to find that I’ve walked in another circle. Where is the way out? It has to be here somewhere. How did I get here? I can’t remember. I try to retrace my steps, maybe if I walk the other way I will find a way out. No, I’ve seen this before. If only I could go in a straight line it would be so much easier. Eventually I sit down in the middle of the abyss and give up. I can’t make it out, I’ll never make it out of the circle. It has me trapped in its depths, playing tricks on my mind showing me something new that isn’t there. Is this a battle of my mind or my body? My sense of direction or a psychological war between me and the abyss…maybe it’s neither or maybe it’s both. Maybe I will never know or maybe the answer is somewhere deep within me. I attempt to focus my energy on finding the answer within myself but to no avail. There is no one to ask how to get out and no way to contact anyone outside because the abyss blocks everything. Wait, is that the key? If I can’t speak with anyone what makes this abyss so powerful? Again I focus my energy inside, clinging to that singular thought searching for the source. A darkness grows, thicker and thicker, my mind seems consumed by it. It drinks my creativity, my knowledge, my thoughts…stillness. I need to be still, to be empty so the void has nothing to feed on. I push the thoughts out, the worries, the futile attempts at solving the issue. The darknesss seems confused, it begins shrinking, nothing to feed its hunger. Nothing more for it to find as I create an abyss of my own for it to get lost in. I continue to meditate on the stillness, on nothing. The cloud shrinks further, its tendrils pulled in as it loses the strength and will to go on. It seems to find its own circles to walk and at that moment I crush the abyss. Fighting it as though wielding a sword, slashing, cutting. There is light inside of it, the knowledge I need to gain freedom again. It attempts to fight back but has nothing to fight with as I have emptied its cage, it tries to run but doesn’t seem to know where to go. Pulsing darkness, like the beat of a heart, it weakens as it uses its energy to fight back my attacks. The light grows stronger from within, I feed on it, my attacks grow in intensity and lethality as its defenses weaken. With a final shriek of horror the darkness abates leaving the answer behind. Freedom. I have found the answer, it is neither forward nor backwards it is a winding path that I must walk to set myself free. One filled with peril but one I know I will survive, the darkness cannot reach me any longer. It will be back but this time I will know how to fight it, this time I will beat it much sooner. Someday it will never return. 

Tired ~BlondHeadedHunk~ 

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I couldn’t wait on this post, there’s a lot I could say here.

Most might see mercy and think of the literal meaning of mercy, however when I think of mercy I think of a healer. Restoration comes to mind, mercy from someone can not only heal you but can boost you to new heights. It can power you up to be a better person. To fight harder, longer and with more strength for them than if they only gave you one chance. 

Mercy, a play on words to some, and some of you have no idea what I mean. You see, I am a gamer as well as a blogger and one of my favorite titles is Overwatch. Mercy is a healer and can be the difference between life and death. In fact, I want to take a moment and give Mal a shoutout for being the best mercy I have ever played with in Overwatch! I actually became friends with her when playing 3v3 and got her on my team as a random person and she was such a good mercy that we became friends. So if you play overwatch (Xbox only) and need an awesome healer you might see if you can snag her! Besides being an awesome Mercy (and anything else she plays) Mal is the first person to comment on my most recent post, so thank you for being an avid reader of my blog! Your the best! 

Deeper though, mercy can restore you in real life, when you mess up sometimes it is easy to beat yourself up. You forgot your girlfriends anniversary, forgot your little boys soccer game, or maybe you completely messed up and made the unforgivable mistake (whatever that might be). Immediately, when you realize it, it’s easy to be the one who kicks yourself even lower until you feel like less of a human than the dirt you walk on. At that moment, when mercy is showed you by the right person, it brings you back up. They remind you that you’re still important to them, they heal you and help you remember you mean something to them more than the small act you forgot to do or the mistake you made.


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Here’s to You!

Today was a monumental day for my blog! I hit the most views I have ever had! Thank you everyone for reading, y’all are awesome and I love every one of you! 

So in honor, I’m going to write a little something that I don’t normally write so here we go; (confession I have no clue how to use semicolons. I think they are dumb and shouldn’t be part of the English language) 

So recently I came to California to do some audio visual work with my brother and today we got an iMac, needless to say I was completely thrilled. I’ve been using an old MacBook Pro and it’s terribly slow for the kind of processing power I need to do my work. So today was a pretty great day all around, I was able to set up the Mac and ontop of that I decided to enroll in a master class to get a better handle on producing EDM music. It’s something I’ve been considering for awhile and today I decided to go ahead with it. I’ve never learned to play instruments but I have done lots of music and so EDM is my best chance at producing my own songs. I think I am better at writing than making beats but once I get good I’ll put some on here for your scrutiny and enjoyment.

After that I went to play tennis and froze to death. I couldn’t feel my hands when I was done but my team won both games so it didn’t matter. Now I am relaxing in my warm bed and jamming to some music.

I’m looking for some new subjects to write about in this new year and I want you guys to tell me what you want me to write about. All I need is one word, my post yesterday came from a friend telling me to write about pressure. So what do you want me to write about? Whoever comments first will get a shoutout at the end of tomorrow’s blog. And if I don’t get any comments then I’m going to see if I can get a good friend of mine to write an article on words. So what do you want to hear? Me or her? Words or something different? 

Also I’ve been thinking about starting to use a cover image with each post and want to know what you guys think. Cover image or not? Cast your votes and I will continue in accordance with popular vote. 

Once again, everyone who reads my posts is the reason I write and I want to thank everyone who has recently followed and those who have been following for awhile now. Keep reading, I love seeing that my writing is being seen by someone! I look forward to many more posts to come this year!


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Pressure Me Not

Pressure, in a word, a force put upon an object. In life, that deadline from your teacher on a homework assignment. Your boss telling you to turn that report in and the lady at Starbucks asking for your order. 

Pressure is everywhere pushing us to do something at any given time. What if the pressure was removed? Is pressure like gravity? Except instead of holding us to the earth it pushes us forward in life to accomplish the next objective? Even games have pressure. Think of your favorite board game, video game, computer game, they all pressure you to accomplish something in order to win. Remove that pressure and then what? Would life stop? Without it could the drive that makes life go round stop in its tracks and our goals float away? A lot of unanswered questions there and I can’t say I have an answer to them. I could speculate that there is a good and bad side to the pressure of life. It can make us stressed, but there’s lots of fulfillment when the task is accomplished and the deadline gone. Take that away and you would lose joy. 

Perhaps…I actually don’t have anything to put after that perhaps. To be honest I could say I feel a certain amount of pressure to post a blog daily or else I lose my readers interest and attention. Without that though, I would not post and for some of you, that might be a sad day. But back to the matter at hand.

The things that push us in life to make decisions and to choose the next step can be handled in different ways. Some of us enjoy the push, others wither under it and are driven to avoid it at all cost. Some at the cost of life itself. 

So how do you handle that pressure from everyone around you? Well my concept that I use on a daily basis is focus on what’s important. Focus on the task at hand and don’t let others press you to do what they think you should. When I go to order at a restaurant and the waiter asks what I want and I don’t know, I ask what they recommend. Maybe we could diffuse the pressure by simply allowing others to help us make some decisions. Let another in, ask their opinion and don’t do it all yourself. They are the pin to your balloon, in a sense, used to relieve the pressures of life and the constant push so that you can relax instead of running all the time. 

Let someone help you, don’t be a “One man show”. Put a pin in your pressure balloon and deflate that bitch before it deflates you.


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A Broken Canvas

     “Y’know, she/he loved me once upon a time”. The thought makes your mind marvel how some things change in an instant. One day, you’re with them, and you feel like they are the one you could’ve lived with for the rest of your life. The next… you are brokenhearted, now only strangers with shared memories.

       Heartbreak…it comes again and again, always having a new way for you to experience it. You thought you had already moved on from him/her and life was going great. Then you came across a long lost photo, a mutual close friend from the past, or a song that wrung the melody summing up all the feelings you’d ever felt for that person. The feelings are as strong as ever and leave you wondering “Could it have worked? Was it my fault? What if I had changed this or waited out the emotional storm. Would he/she still be mine?”

        There is a time when you will look back on all that you experienced with them and really truly appreciate those moments you shared. A bitter sweet sensation. Feeling the pain of separation after growing so close for so long. But simultaneously feeling the joy, love, desire, freedom and longing you once had when you were together.

        But you’ve learned from this… You did love them, you probably still do somewhere deep within you… But you are no longer “in love” with them. All the countless memories you shared, all those great times are times that probably won’t ever be erased from either of your minds. Unfortunately, too much damage, too many complications or whatever it was.. brought you, him/her, or both to the conclusion that it was time to say goodbye… One or the other, possibly even both agreeing that you tried to put the pieces together and they simply just wouldn’t fit mutually as one anymore maybe like they did before. It just simply wasn’t meant to be. Neither really wishes pain or sadness upon the other. You really did love them once upon a time and in the past when you were together, you would’ve wanted the best for them without even thinking twice about it. Deep down the heartache will always be there along with the thoughts of what you could’ve been. But time has past and things have changed since then. New people, new faces, new experiences, new opportunities. My hope is that you have found some sort of closure by accepting that letting go and moving on is better for the both of you and that you will find the one person who’s heart collides perfectly with your own.

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